Wednesday, August 25, 2010

If the 2's are terrible I am in for a treat!

It seems my kid has a desire already to get into everything, as so I am a little nervous what to expect when he reaches his "terrible twos". I have to say, though, that I kept my cool surprisingly and followed good advice from a friend who said "take pictures first, and then get mad". The only problem is I can't get mad at the kid who doesn't know any better, but instead have to reprimand myself for not closing the door tightly when there was open paint inside that room. And secondly, for not thinking "Link must be into something because he is awful quiet". O'well! You live you learn...and it makes for some stinkin cute pics.

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Jon and Sunny Robbins said...

Cute boy! I found it a lot easier to keep my cool when there was only one. I hope you can aways keep your cool.

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