Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween 2010

Alright for anyone who knows my family you know that Halloween is a big deal to us, which is why even though Link is only 11 months, he went trick-or-treating all ready. Costumes are my favorite part about Halloween and I thought up these costumes last year! Only finished them this morning, but they were thought up last year :)

Linkers was Batman, and a cute little studly one at that :)

This was actually a 4-year-old costume, but I couldn't find any cute Dark Knight batman costumes so I bought this one and then just cut and sewed the pieces to fit.

This is us trunk-or-treating! We got lots of candy for "Link".... or maybe us :)

(Matt could have at least told me I was making an ugly face)

Matt as the joker. Got his whole outfit from Goodwill, and then just dyed the pants, which turned out perfect!

Not a huge fan of this pic, but it was the only one I had of the whole costume. Sewed it all myself, but you could probably have guessed that.

Doesn't Link look so happy about his first Halloween! bwahaha, o'well, he'll figure out that he loves it soon enough.


Shana said...

Ruby you guys were way cute! Love the costumes!

Stephens Family said...

cute costumes Ruby, you are so creative.....But why does the Joker look so constipated in that first picture, sure hope he is ok!!!! :)

Diehl family said...

You guys look so awsome. Link is so cute. before you know it he will be saying trick-or-treat and running ahead of you. good job on your cosume. I never would have guessed it was home sewen.

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