Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Link's Birthday!

I have failed miserably at posting anything lately...well, since I started the other blog...but nonetheless, I am posting Link's birthday pics finally. He is the big 1-years-old! He actually got 2 birthdays because while grandma Bailey was visiting she gave him his presents early from grandma and papa Bailey. So that is why he is in two different outfits. Not to mention, blogger screwed up the order, so the pics are all backwards. O'well! Here's Link's birthday!

The books were from Manda, Lori and Sam and he LOVES them! :) They are especially helpful during church because our kid has TONS of energy and sitting for an hour he feels is torture.


This is him before we stripped him for cupcakes :) His "I'm 1-year-old" picture.

Probably Dad's favorite of his presents, his new basketball hoop :) Link loves it too, and it is fun to see him figure out the buttons.

Grandma reading him the book we got him. Can you tell I want him to have lots of books?

Link loves these "touch and feel" books. These were from mom and dad :) Happy Birthday big boy!

There you go! Link's 1st Birthday!

I am so grateful for my little man, and all the fun times we have together during the day. He is so sweet and bubbly and always makes friends with people in the grocery store because he is always smiling at them. He is a super goober and I love it. I love you Linkers (even when you are teething and have strep all at the same time and miserable and letting me know it). You are the best kid ever...Also, I might love that he is a mama's boy through-and-through :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween 2010

Alright for anyone who knows my family you know that Halloween is a big deal to us, which is why even though Link is only 11 months, he went trick-or-treating all ready. Costumes are my favorite part about Halloween and I thought up these costumes last year! Only finished them this morning, but they were thought up last year :)

Linkers was Batman, and a cute little studly one at that :)

This was actually a 4-year-old costume, but I couldn't find any cute Dark Knight batman costumes so I bought this one and then just cut and sewed the pieces to fit.

This is us trunk-or-treating! We got lots of candy for "Link".... or maybe us :)

(Matt could have at least told me I was making an ugly face)

Matt as the joker. Got his whole outfit from Goodwill, and then just dyed the pants, which turned out perfect!

Not a huge fan of this pic, but it was the only one I had of the whole costume. Sewed it all myself, but you could probably have guessed that.

Doesn't Link look so happy about his first Halloween! bwahaha, o'well, he'll figure out that he loves it soon enough.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

If the 2's are terrible I am in for a treat!

It seems my kid has a desire already to get into everything, as so I am a little nervous what to expect when he reaches his "terrible twos". I have to say, though, that I kept my cool surprisingly and followed good advice from a friend who said "take pictures first, and then get mad". The only problem is I can't get mad at the kid who doesn't know any better, but instead have to reprimand myself for not closing the door tightly when there was open paint inside that room. And secondly, for not thinking "Link must be into something because he is awful quiet". O'well! You live you learn...and it makes for some stinkin cute pics.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Creative Station

I found these great shelves at Goodwill for $.99 and so I brought them home and made colorful canisters (a.k.a. painted old formula cans) to hold all my jewelry supplies in, to sit on the shelves :) It is now very orderly and that makes me happy because this station was a mess before!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

One Little Belt

While in Utah my cousin gave me one of the belts that she makes that she sells on Etsy. Her shop is One Little Belt and she has a website as well called Onelittlebelt.com!

I LOVE this belt and Link wears it nearly every day because it is so cute on him and because it just seems to add that little touch to every outfit. If any of you are interested or think that these belts are cute I HIGHLY suggest getting one! She makes them for girls and boys and in all different sizes. It was really nice to have one now that Link is thinning out after he started crawling because his pants were not fitting him well anymore and I couldn't find any small belts, but she makes them as small as infant. They come in all different colors and designs. And they are VERY affordable :)

Check them out! Here is a picture of Link in his belt :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Trip to Utah 2010

We had tons of fun in Utah and these are the pics from Island Park. This was a horseshoe that Matt threw and he took a picture of it because he was so excited about it. lol.
Link and I were hanging out watchin the boys play horseshoes. Mike and Matt got into a competition (hard to believe if you know Matt at all....hmmm) and so played many games of horseshoes trying to beat each other.
Link hanging with his cousin Josh :) Josh was so sweet while we were camping and kept bringing toys to Link and playing with him.
Grandma Findley had a great idea to set up their swimming pool up at Island Park for the kids. They loved it and Link loved it since he LOVES water!
Eating the fish I caught in the Buffalo. I had to take pictures of each step because I was so excited to eat fresh fish for the first time :)
Cooking it....Skinning it....
Gutting it.... (found out is was a mama fish :( boo hoo)
Showing off my fish :) I caught the biggest one that day, and I couldn't help but be excited about this since it was only my second time fishing.
Yellowstone! We had fun, but man was it HOT! Of course, not as hot as it is now that we are back in Oklahoma (sheesh 106 degrees).

While we were at Matt's parents we got to hang out with Rick, and Link was having such a good time with his Godfather :) Kaiser was there too, on the other couch. It was good to hang with the boys while we were there.
While at my parents we must have partied too hard because Link fell asleep in Marrie's arms and he has NEVER just fallen asleep somewhere. It was sooo cute :)
While the Keslers were visiting we got to go to Herriman beach. Matt was having a good time soaking up the sun....obviously he needed it! hahahaha

Rafting together :)

The water was really cold so we just sat there for a while and let the cold water run over our legs until he got used to it and jumped in to play.

Needless to say, we had a great time in Utah! These were only pictures of a couple of the things we were able to do and the people we were able to visit. We had so much fun seeing out families and it was so nice to be able to spend time with them. Living far away sure does make you appreciate family more. I had a great time getting to spend time with Manda and her family and got to go to an antique store with Manda and Sam (her sister) and we found some awesome treasures :D We got to play in Lori's pool (manda's mom) and Link played in there for HOURS. I have never seen him have so much fun in the water, but it was warm and he just loved it!

Thanks to our families and friends for spending time with us and taking care of us while we were there! Love you guys!


Friday, July 16, 2010

Long Overdue!

We had SOOO much fun when Gina and the kids came to visit this summer! We did LOTS of fun things from Playing at the water park, going to the zoo, going to Celebration Station, and just hanging out together. I love the picture of Bryan and Kyla talking to Link because I think the majority of the time they spent just trying to get him to smile and laugh :) He was so confused after they left and mom and dad weren't giving him that much attention.
Probably my favorite was playing at the water park :) It was so HOT while they were here that all we could think about was playing in the water. Link got to hang out with Gina while Matt and I went down the water slides with the kids. Matt had a lot of fun at the arcade and we got pretty good at one of the games. Not good enough to buy the bear in the picture, but the girl behind the counter could tell I wanted it so she gave it to us anyway :) Link licked it though, so I think that means it is his.
We loved having them here with us, and can't wait to skype it up Gina :) Love you guys!! Thanks for making the long journey all the way out here to see us, we had a blast!

together forever