Sunday, August 15, 2010

One Little Belt

While in Utah my cousin gave me one of the belts that she makes that she sells on Etsy. Her shop is One Little Belt and she has a website as well called!

I LOVE this belt and Link wears it nearly every day because it is so cute on him and because it just seems to add that little touch to every outfit. If any of you are interested or think that these belts are cute I HIGHLY suggest getting one! She makes them for girls and boys and in all different sizes. It was really nice to have one now that Link is thinning out after he started crawling because his pants were not fitting him well anymore and I couldn't find any small belts, but she makes them as small as infant. They come in all different colors and designs. And they are VERY affordable :)

Check them out! Here is a picture of Link in his belt :)

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Kilee said...

Thanks Ruby! Looking good Link!

ps. I wear my necklace like everyday! I love it!

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