Friday, July 16, 2010

Long Overdue!

We had SOOO much fun when Gina and the kids came to visit this summer! We did LOTS of fun things from Playing at the water park, going to the zoo, going to Celebration Station, and just hanging out together. I love the picture of Bryan and Kyla talking to Link because I think the majority of the time they spent just trying to get him to smile and laugh :) He was so confused after they left and mom and dad weren't giving him that much attention.
Probably my favorite was playing at the water park :) It was so HOT while they were here that all we could think about was playing in the water. Link got to hang out with Gina while Matt and I went down the water slides with the kids. Matt had a lot of fun at the arcade and we got pretty good at one of the games. Not good enough to buy the bear in the picture, but the girl behind the counter could tell I wanted it so she gave it to us anyway :) Link licked it though, so I think that means it is his.
We loved having them here with us, and can't wait to skype it up Gina :) Love you guys!! Thanks for making the long journey all the way out here to see us, we had a blast!

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The Chambers said...

how fun! it's always nice to have friends come visit. Wait, is this a friend, family? from utah? I love the picture of you and link at the splash pad thing...cute mama!

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