Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Link's Birthday!

I have failed miserably at posting anything lately...well, since I started the other blog...but nonetheless, I am posting Link's birthday pics finally. He is the big 1-years-old! He actually got 2 birthdays because while grandma Bailey was visiting she gave him his presents early from grandma and papa Bailey. So that is why he is in two different outfits. Not to mention, blogger screwed up the order, so the pics are all backwards. O'well! Here's Link's birthday!

The books were from Manda, Lori and Sam and he LOVES them! :) They are especially helpful during church because our kid has TONS of energy and sitting for an hour he feels is torture.


This is him before we stripped him for cupcakes :) His "I'm 1-year-old" picture.

Probably Dad's favorite of his presents, his new basketball hoop :) Link loves it too, and it is fun to see him figure out the buttons.

Grandma reading him the book we got him. Can you tell I want him to have lots of books?

Link loves these "touch and feel" books. These were from mom and dad :) Happy Birthday big boy!

There you go! Link's 1st Birthday!

I am so grateful for my little man, and all the fun times we have together during the day. He is so sweet and bubbly and always makes friends with people in the grocery store because he is always smiling at them. He is a super goober and I love it. I love you Linkers (even when you are teething and have strep all at the same time and miserable and letting me know it). You are the best kid ever...Also, I might love that he is a mama's boy through-and-through :)

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Shelly & Brandon said...

O my goodness he is SO big! P.s you look so darn cute! Happy Birhday Link

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